Tuition Due Dates

Tuition is due in advance on Friday’s.

Weekly Rates

Please call our office for current rates.

*Additional fees may apply for school day closings (teacher workdays, inclement weather days, field trip fees, etc.)

**Child(ren) must have successfully completed kindergarten to attend Camps

Discount rate available for families with multiple children. 

Vacation Week

Little Lambs offers families two half rate vacation weeks each calendar year*.

You must provide Little Lambs with (written) notice two weeks in advance of your vacation credit.

*Vacation credit for full-time students only

Additional Fees

Registration Fee
Due once each year, non-refundable.

Registration fee must be accompanied by physician-completed physical forms (available from Little Lambs office) and completed registration packet (available from Little Lambs office).

Sleep Napper Purchase*
Required for children 12 mo. – 5 yrs.

*Every child between 12 mo. and 5 yrs. of age are required to have a sleep napper. You purchase one from Little Lambs at the price listed above. Sleep nappers are sent home at the end of each week to be washed, and must be brought back at the start of each week.

**A limited supply of extra sleep nappers are available for rental in the case you forget to bring your child's napper back in at the start of the week.


Additional rates and fees may apply. Please contact Little Lambs for more information.