Ages: 6 weeks – 2 1/2 yrs.

Our bright, colorful, clean nursery is designed for discovery and exploration! Daily activities in our nursery will help enhance your child’s social, intellectual, physical and emotional progress. We provide indoor and outdoor playtime with activities to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Little Lambs provides personalized care to each child’s individual needs. Infants and babies are fed according to their needs and with instructions from their parents, so a typical day will vary for each child.

Daily Reports are sent home each evening with information noting your child’s activities, meals, naps, diaper changes, disposition and developmental milestones each day.

As in all our classrooms, our teachers in the nursery promote a safe, healthy learning environment by offering a variety of age-appropriate activities and experiences that promote creativity, communication, social skills, cognitive development, physical and emotional growth.

Parents are welcome to visit the nursery at anytime.

Photo by avtk/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by avtk/iStock / Getty Images